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lagar de costa

Lagar de Costa

100% Albariño D.O. Rías Baixas

  • Produced from our own vineyard. The average vine age is 30 years.
  • Spring market launch
  • Produced in stainless steel tanks
  • 40,000 liters per year
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Current harvest: 2014
Variety: 100% albariño
Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.
Total acidity: 7 gr/l. tartaric acid
Volatile acidity: 0,42 gr/l. acetic acid
pH: 3,42
Free sulphur: 36mg/l.
Total sulphur: 107mg/l.

Full Specs (PDF)


Lagar de Costa 2014

Pale Lemon-green, medium-intense balsamic, herbal and citric (grapefruit and lemon) and white fruit aromas. Fresh and penetrating on the palate, recurring citric fruit notes as well as white flowers. Unctuous and long.

Lagar de Costa 2013

Light lemon-green, medium-high intensity, herbaceous (balsamic, anis), citric (grapefruit, orange flower) and stone fruits, kumquat and greengage. Lively attack, good acidity, with body and viscosity, where the fruit aromas are recurring.

Lagar de Costa 2012

Medium lemon-green, bright, medium-high intensity, notes of white flowers, balsamic, tropical (lychee) and stone fruits, lemon yoghourt. Viscous palate with a candied and fresh fruit character, lactic, creamy finish.

Recent awards

  • Gold Medal 2014. Lagar de Costa 2013. Concours Mondial. Brussels
  • Gold Bacchus 2014. Lagar de Costa 2013. Unión Española de Catadores. International Contest
  • Gold Bacchus 2014. Lagar de Costa 2013. Unión Española de Catadores. National Contest
  • 89 Parker Points. Lagar de Costa 2013. Wine Advocate Magazine
  • 3rd Prize. Lagar de Costa 2013. Festa do Viño Albariño. Cambados

Full list of awards (PDF)